Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation Post

Sup y'all,,

Ya heard it im on vacation xD.
And man i've got alot of games n other stuff.
We planned this: (Normal letters = Bein thurr already, Bold letters = Going to their)

- Singapore
- Indonesia
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Home sweet Home

Actually, i'm in Malaysia now.
In Malakka :D
After that i'm goin' to KL (= Kuala Lumpur)
Then to an island with a difficult name.
That island has a professional Go-Kart Circuit.

In Indonesia i went to the good spots.
i went to:

- Jakarta
- Tegal
- Pekalongan
- Bandung

Wanna know wich games i bought?
I'm tryin' to remember....
K, got it!

- Initial D: Special Stage
- Grand Turismo 4
- Street Racing Simulator
- Kaido: Battle 3
- Mortal Kombat: Deception

I've got more, but i can't remember anymore. :(

It's so fckn cheap there
Like 1 game is there 50 eurocents - 2 euro
There they use Rupiah
1 euro = about 14.000 Rupiah
I bought games from about 5.000 - 9.000 Rp
But i think i probably stop for now
I'm @ Internet Cafe
My time is almost done.
and ehm...
i got 1 question for ya'll:
Do u probably know what this car is?
Actually, it's the van at the back.
It's at 6:03 :
Click me! :D

cya ...


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