Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Idea's

ohai durr...

I haz some new idea's for vidz n shizz...
aaaaand 1 of them has allready been done, so much better than I wanted it to be :3
So jelly of dis (thx Jay for showing me)

Basicly, just wna keep u guys up to date n stuff..
Got internship, wich takes up most of my time so I haz no time for new stuff :/
But i like it so iz guud :3

SH!FT. recording has been delayed, busy with a smaller project to keep my youtube active
Got Partner, so need new bg and new intro.
workin with premier and after effects more, so better content, cuz lets face it, SV is for beginners.

P.S. video clip for SH!FT. Soundtrack pt 1 is done, now 2 more parts to go :3.