Monday, April 6, 2009


Sup mah naggah's?

Guess what?
No clue?
Well, i'll tell ya...
It's so so so fuckin' cewl.
I bought some extra's with it aswell.
Here is the lil' bill:

- PS3 Killzone 2 Pack (includes: PS3, )
( PS3 Controller,)
( Killzone 2, )
( Chargecable, )
( Powercable, )
( Scartcable )

- Sony HDMI Cable (for optimal and very, VERY enjoyable gaming =D)

- A 2nd PS3 Controller

- A Dock for my 2 PS3 Controllers

- Skate 2


T O T A L P R I C E : €600,-

hehe, that aint nuffin', is it?
I was in a deep shock.
If ya dunno why, then your head is full of shit ^^D.
But, now i'm saving up for a new sumtin'...
It's a Logitech Z-5500.
A surround sound with a banging subwoofer.
And oh yeah.. i prolly need a new TV furniture.
Why? cuz the old 1 barely is holding it up.
The wheels fell off...
That must be a bad sign, i think.
But those are the things i still need for my optimal gaming setup.
Gosh, i'm so frkn lucky.
Yup, i luv my mom ;D.
Butteehhhhhhh... after i got all of that, i will show you guys my final setup.
I know you guys can't wait (xD), but there is no other choice (for you guys =P).

So, there ya have it.
OH OH!!!
BTW, who this reads and has a PS3 with a PSN account, plz add me.
Why with Mr_? Cuz, they would not accept SHHADA.
Prolly cuz i'm 2hot2handle ^^.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back again, with a surprise!

Hi ya´ll,

I´m back bitchess...
Now to continue my stunt career.
Spare time is for drifting =P.
Well, did ya missed me?
I ghope not =|
Cuz then you would be gay >:O
But anyways...
Im comin' down with first a vid of my gaming setup.
Just gotta wait for my PS3 and a few other games.
And btw, i got a new fantastic game :D
Really to rock on.

Do you wish you were a rockstar?
You wanna be, but you got no Money for Guitar Hero or Rock Band?
Well here is your solution:
Frets on Fire !!!
Its a cool Guitar Hero version for the PC.
If you mod it you can have several cool skins.
Skins of Guitar Hero I, II, III, 80s and Aerosmith, RockBand 1 and 2, 8bit feature and a skin that has absolutley nothing but a black background and a cool font.
If you wanna get it, contact me for it, i got all the songs you need.
You can even make songs for it.
Ive got DnB, Rap, Rock and Soundtracks.
I EVEN GOT NUMBERS FROM SOUTHPARK LIKE: Kyle's Mom is a B..tch, La Resistance AND MORE!!!
Naisj huh?

Gotta go.
Imma hang around a bit on MSN though but school 2morrow so meh...
Props to the best editor of all time: PtRvY