Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update 2014 (Mappack 1.4)

What's up guys?

Happy New Year!
I know it's a long time ago since I posted.
To tell you the truth, it has been pretty boring up until recently.

First off, I got GT6 and without knowing, i won a contest.
The prize was a Ferrari Steering Wheel and a Playseat.
Sold the Wheel, gave the profit to my mom and kept the wheel myself.
Initial D is hella fun, but GT6 is really hard with the g25.

Next, I managed to get a new phone.
I only got it because i'm stuck to this broken phone for about 3 years now.
It's freezing when I start it up and I really needed a new one.
Hoping to keep for about 4 years, but I know it won't last that long.
Trying to reach a 3 year mark, let's see how far I can get ^^

Now, I finally got 64bit Win7 Ultimate installed.
Needed it already for almost a year now and finally got a chance to do it today.
Woke up early and just finished re-installing everything.
Really happy i'm able to use my full 16gb's of ram :3

Soon, Mappack 1.4 will kick off!
This month we have been brainstorming about what we should and could do.
Next month we will start gathering maps and more members for the Mappack team.
You can follow our progress on the TC Blog or on the UD Forums.

And as bonus, I made a new video just before the year ended.
I wanted it to be a GT6 video, but the replay theater only shows replays in 30fps from online gameplay.
Pissed as hell, but I instead used some old GT5 footage of a modded 2JZ R33 ^^
Be sure to check it out and enjoy!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Finally... SA Edit :3

Hai der,

So I finally finished my first SA edit.
Frkn proud, although I could make it better.
Still, loving this style and i'll keep doing more of these.
Thanks for the amazing feedback i already have been getting on it.
Keep it coming guys, the more it will motivate me ^^.


Monday, September 23, 2013


Hi guys,

Hope you all had a good holiday. I sure as hell did ^^.
Kinda late with posting, sorry for that.
I made a new video about GTA V.
You can drift in it!
I'll be making more videos.
By request there was Elegy, so that will be the next thing coming up.
Until then, enjoy a Futo Hills Drift :3
(If you wanna play GTA Online with me, my psn is Mr_SHHADA)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Update!

Hey guys,

Long time no see.
How are you guys liking the v1.3 so far? Hope it's good enough for ya ^^
Wanted to make a small update here, so let's get to it!

First off, I'll be on holiday from the 18th of July until the 28th of August. You probably won't see me online as much. I'll try to get online as much as possible.

Second off, I finished my internship, so I can now start to focus on a job and do more editing projects. I might say this every year, but I will try as hard as I possibly can to upload videos. I will try to make some IRL videos + edits aswell.

Third off, I've completely updated my Skydrive. I've uploaded every single mod I have on GTA SA so far and probably will do the same for GTA IV. So if you are interested in my mods, click here!

Finally, I'm in a tough spot now. So if you see me react differently, it's because I got some stuff going on. No worries though, i'm sure it will fade. I will try to keep you guys updated as much as possible. If you need me, just check out my social media or messengers. I'll probably post stuff on there or be online.

Anyways guys, Have an awesome holiday! Thanks for being you ^^


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mappack v1.3 Released!

Hi guys,

It's finally here! Mappack has been released!
Check out Naka's Blog or My Download List on the right.
(or for the lazy people, click here)
I hope you guys enjoy, it tooks us about 2 months to get it.

Thanks for all the support! It helped out a lot!
We hope to see some cool events, races, battles, drift sessions and awesome video's on it!
Let us know what you guys think about it and what we can do better in a newer version ;)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi guys,

So it's official. Mappack v1.3 is done.
The only thing that needs to be done is the signs on all the new maps.
After this, it's just making it neat in a rar, zip and installer for you guys with the proper files.
Release should be (start of) June. Sorry for not updating as much.
So for now, just sit back till we do some finishing touches to it.

After release, expect a shit ton of events on the TC server.
And about the server, there are some really really nice things done to it, thanks to Naka ^^.
Just an update on the commands + some mapping and the server will be out of beta mode.

Thanks for the nice words and the patience! It really helped for the final stages.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mappack v1.3 update (05-06-2013)

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update. Naka posted some info on his blog, but i'll go into it more deeply.

We have welcomed Nicole into our TC family, since she is, just like Godlike, a strong person and learns quickly. She also is a very good at paintjobs and designing.

We are at the final stages of the mappack. As Naka mentioned, we have retexured maps and added ofcourse new maps. the total we are at is around 30, not sure if it is 33 though. At this moment, we are adding just 1 or 2 more maps. 1 is allready for sure, the 2nd we dont know yet.

On with the bad news.....
We tried to contact the owner(s) of the Hakone Pass / Hakone Route 1 map, but no success. Also we haven't been able to get the maps at all and we haven't got any confirmation on it either.
This means no Hakone pass. We are really sad about this, but there is no need to worry, because we have enough maps added.

If we take a look at where Mappack v1.3 is allready, we can see clearly that the whole map has been completely filled. This probably means if we will ever expand the mappack v1.3 and go for a v1.4, we will be connecting maps to each other. This is not confirmed at all, neither is there any confirmation about v1.4.

As we are at the final stages of the mappack, we are making a release trailer for it aswell. This will take approx. till the end of the month. If it will not be finished by then, we will release the map before the trailer, because we don't want the actual mappack to be delayed by a video.

I Thank each and every one of you for being patient and supportive (well, most of the people). Every good word is a step closer to realizing v1.3 and we feel proud to be making this for the community.
Remember though, we are not getting paid or getting any benefit out of making the mappack. This is all going from our own time and hard work. We really appreciate all the patience and motivation, it has been much needed and still is.
So please keep on spreading the word that Mappack v1.3 is on the way.