Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update 2014 (Mappack 1.4)

What's up guys?

Happy New Year!
I know it's a long time ago since I posted.
To tell you the truth, it has been pretty boring up until recently.

First off, I got GT6 and without knowing, i won a contest.
The prize was a Ferrari Steering Wheel and a Playseat.
Sold the Wheel, gave the profit to my mom and kept the wheel myself.
Initial D is hella fun, but GT6 is really hard with the g25.

Next, I managed to get a new phone.
I only got it because i'm stuck to this broken phone for about 3 years now.
It's freezing when I start it up and I really needed a new one.
Hoping to keep for about 4 years, but I know it won't last that long.
Trying to reach a 3 year mark, let's see how far I can get ^^

Now, I finally got 64bit Win7 Ultimate installed.
Needed it already for almost a year now and finally got a chance to do it today.
Woke up early and just finished re-installing everything.
Really happy i'm able to use my full 16gb's of ram :3

Soon, Mappack 1.4 will kick off!
This month we have been brainstorming about what we should and could do.
Next month we will start gathering maps and more members for the Mappack team.
You can follow our progress on the TC Blog or on the UD Forums.

And as bonus, I made a new video just before the year ended.
I wanted it to be a GT6 video, but the replay theater only shows replays in 30fps from online gameplay.
Pissed as hell, but I instead used some old GT5 footage of a modded 2JZ R33 ^^
Be sure to check it out and enjoy!


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Hi guys! I've got a suggestion. I don't know if you added this map on 1.4 mappack, but, can you add Pikes Peak map please? thanks for reading and you're the best! ;D