Monday, October 22, 2012


Ohai durr.

So, i haz made new pj :3
Check dizz:

U like?
at 1k views / 450 subs ill make DL link and it'll be on the blog aswell :3
But for now, i think i'll just update the pj.
Btw, (i hope) me n groove be makin a video of it aswell.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A New Post? WTF?!?!

Yeah It's true, a new post.
Damn... missed this shit so bad.
Well, here's what happened in time i stopped posting:

- stopped drifting and went rp-ing.
- stopped playing samp when i got PS3 with mw2 (ikr -.-)
- bought a pvr and uploaded to youtube.
- got into a dilemma in life and stopped with everything.
- picked up a bit on samp.
- made a full return to samp.

Lost everything i had at samp and completely restarted. Always rocking my same name and i will never change it.
But no biggie, have a lot of friends (including old and new) and really picking up on life aswell.
Gonna be uploading more i guess on this blog, if i can find the good motivation for it. And don't worry, i will keep it up to date if i keep blogging.

I have also joined a clan called Total Conciousness (i know, epic name is epic :P).
Gonna change the way the drift community is atm.
Prepare for a lot of stuff, including video's, mod's, events and more.

One last thing: Props to all the oldschool guys for staying.
This community is and will stay alive 'cause of you guys.
Jimmeh, Spinno, Minwar, Excel and Sarah are the guys i actually still speak n hang out with occasionally on samp, so might do some collabration work with them.