Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mappack v1.3 update (05-06-2013)

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update. Naka posted some info on his blog, but i'll go into it more deeply.

We have welcomed Nicole into our TC family, since she is, just like Godlike, a strong person and learns quickly. She also is a very good at paintjobs and designing.

We are at the final stages of the mappack. As Naka mentioned, we have retexured maps and added ofcourse new maps. the total we are at is around 30, not sure if it is 33 though. At this moment, we are adding just 1 or 2 more maps. 1 is allready for sure, the 2nd we dont know yet.

On with the bad news.....
We tried to contact the owner(s) of the Hakone Pass / Hakone Route 1 map, but no success. Also we haven't been able to get the maps at all and we haven't got any confirmation on it either.
This means no Hakone pass. We are really sad about this, but there is no need to worry, because we have enough maps added.

If we take a look at where Mappack v1.3 is allready, we can see clearly that the whole map has been completely filled. This probably means if we will ever expand the mappack v1.3 and go for a v1.4, we will be connecting maps to each other. This is not confirmed at all, neither is there any confirmation about v1.4.

As we are at the final stages of the mappack, we are making a release trailer for it aswell. This will take approx. till the end of the month. If it will not be finished by then, we will release the map before the trailer, because we don't want the actual mappack to be delayed by a video.

I Thank each and every one of you for being patient and supportive (well, most of the people). Every good word is a step closer to realizing v1.3 and we feel proud to be making this for the community.
Remember though, we are not getting paid or getting any benefit out of making the mappack. This is all going from our own time and hard work. We really appreciate all the patience and motivation, it has been much needed and still is.
So please keep on spreading the word that Mappack v1.3 is on the way.


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