Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi dude's,,

Well lemme start with: long time no c ^^.
I just wanna tell u guys i made an update on my map mods section.

- ///M3Rullezz Carbon Canyon
- ///M3Rullezz D1GP Event
- ///M3Rullezz Deep Forest Mountain

Cuz many ppl asked me how to install the mods, i made sum readme's with the files and i made sum pics of the locations.
So here ya go.

And the 2nd one is:
I added sum new maps to the list.
Those maps might be (not-) popular, but are hard to find.
So i did my very best to search these links / mods.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is for the guys of ///M3Rulez:
I'm srry i didn't asked u guys about this =P.
it would be an honor if u put this link on your blog ():D.

So dudes,,


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