Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best Street Drift Day Yet!

Hi u guys,,

I was driftin' with jeroen3nl.
Just sum City Slicking ;D.
And then i realised,
It was my best session ever :D.
It was yesterday actually.
But i had no time to post it on my blog.
Cuz i had HW.
It was so amazing.
I was leader and jeroen was behind meh.
He said we did almost everything perfect.
At the end he said that everything was just parallel.
Pretty awesome.

Now sumtin else.
2Day i was with my buddy.
He has an ps3.
And we downloaded the GRID demo.
So i played GRID for the first time.
I've it allready on pc but it doesnt work.
Cuz i don't have the right graphics card.
But well...
I'm bored.
Imma install a map and drift now.
C ya'll later.


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