Monday, October 6, 2008

P.D => ProD

Hiya guys,,

Lemme tell ya the Project D story:
Once upon a time (xD) there was a clan named Project D.
ProD was leaded by a dude called SangerSpy.
It was a great clan.
It was so popular.
Every great drifter was in that clan.
But then sum dumbasses were bullyin' Sanger.
So Sanger wasn't so happy bout that.
What he did:
He stopped the clan and dissapeard.
Then Sanger was not Sanger anymore.
He turned into TruenoSpy.
He thought a new smarter start for me would do good.
Then i took over Project D.
Just a bit different: P.D = Project.D
That didn't work out.
So i thought a clan for my Initial D vid that i was gonna make.
Nothing came from the vid.
So that didn't work out as well.
Spy made another clan, called Crazy Enough To Drift.
CETD worked out very good.
After a few weeks Spy told me:
Yo Dude, ProD is commin back ;).
I said: but it's mine now.
He said: oww...
I said: u know what, ill give ya it if i can go in.
He said: OFCOURSE.
I said: and can i help with other stuff like making PJ's?
He said: ok.

And we all lived happy ever after.
So now im in ProD.
And every body's now happy.


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