Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hiya guyz,,

MEH school is goin bad.
So i won't be 2 much on SA.
But i've got some new crew'z.
I've joined 2 teams.
And i wanna get things clear.
Plz don't call me a clann00b.
Cuz i'm in those clan's
I'll just explain why i'm in those clans.

- High Performance Drifters [HPD]:
Cuz they are my close friends.
I can get allong well with 'm.
And our frienship is kept with this clan/team/society!

- HKS Drift Team [HKS]
It's just lovely.
It's like a lil' dream comin' true.
And Noedel is a real great guy, like Kleinen.
They both mean much to me, very much.
They're just Super (btw all my friends are gr8!)

- Stunters of Death [SoD]
The lost clan.
It's like the thing i need to keep me on stuntin'.
I really don't do it much.
But it means that the stunter is still in me.
And the lost teamm8 is still always there when i look up (in-game.

- Live4Drift [L4D]
The old reuniting from legends.
The gr8 leader ofc.
Just a superguy.
He's my homie man
And the bein in the team means much to meh.

So all y'all know it now.
Just don't fuck around anymoawh ok?
Man imma sleep.
G2g 2 school 2morrow sow...
and remember though i won't be so much on SA.


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