Monday, November 24, 2008


Hiya guys,,

There's great news! =D
Touge Masters [TM] and High Performance Drifters [HPD] are now 1!
Me and Daan are the leaders and DriftKID is the co-leader.
Ain't that gr8!?!
Lemme tell ya a story...
HPD 'n' TM were 2 clans from both equal skillz.
Daan and SHHADA came with the idea to fuse these clans together as 1 clan.
We told it to DK.
And he liked it!
So then we started off with a name.

idea 1.High Performace Touge Drifters [HPTD]....NAH BOOHRING.
idea 2.Against All Odds [AAO]....Cewl but not the one we need.
idea 3.Zero Limit Crew [0LC]....Hmmm ehm not really no.
idea 4.Special Street and Touge Drifters [SSTD]....OMG FUCKIN AWESOME.

Chea, my idea for a name.
Ain't that awesome!?
Now here's the blog.
Add us in your list:
Special Street and Touge Drifters [SSTD]!

SHHADA (and Daan and DK)

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