Monday, November 3, 2008

Takin' A Big Break!

Hiya guys,,

Long time no c ^^.
But there's sumtin wrong.
Sumtin happened.
I tried to install sumtin in sa but it didn't work.
So i decided to uninstall it.
But now my SA ain't working anymore =S.
So i was kinda worried.
I couldn't uninstall it.
So i 1st threw away my rockstar games folder.
Then tried to install it, but when i put in my cd it said Play San Andreas and not Install San Andreas.
So i thought "Meh! WTF dammit man. So now i must w8 for my new pc to come. =("
And no, don't have my new pc yet :P.
So Jeroen3nl said to me he had the same thing.
So he thought me to install it again.
But my Laptop was 2 full.
So i thought "w8 a sec, i'm suckin @ school cuz of SA."
Then was the time i decided to have a big break.
So now ya'll now.
And cuz i'm so bored and my examweek is cummin up (startin 2MORROW :| ) i started to do sum strange things.
Like watching the whole day YT vids that have no sence at all.
And then i found an old hobby that i had when i was 5 or sumtin.
Makin GUNS out of LEGO and K'NEX 'n' stuff xD.
But i enjoy it and thats what's important... right. right? RIGHT?!?
Ahh well so out of sum other boredness i decided to post this after a long time saying nuffin here.

G2G now, must rest for my TESTWEEK :/ .
and.. OWYEAH b4 i forget.
My Freerunvid Is Coming Up =D.
So check it out.
Here's the blog BTW:
Team Unleashed!


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